Have i lost the mystal essence
Have i fallen from unholy grace
I call to the mother with no reply
Carve into my flesh the symbols of kadilean...
And i still await
Here i sit surrounded by the darkness of night
Trying hard to remember what was once inside
It seems i have forgotten from where my soul came
I can no longer see the majestic black
I search through my mind
Trying to reestablish a piece of my faith
But everything i know has lost all meaning
And been distorted by time
Now it appears to be to me
That my soul is nothing more
But that of mortal man
Although i know it must
I at a time was once an extension
Of the black
What must i do to rejoin my kind
Here i sit surrounded by darkness
Staring deep into open flame
Entering a trance which brings me
Beyond the movement of the planes
Holding at my wrist
The release of this prison
With the blood of this body i shall
Recreate the soul within
So that i may now return to the majestic black

"the hated mother holds jales in eternal torment,
While the mystics of kadilean revel in the streams of essence
With this now the passing of the last phase
Brings the opening of the sixth sect
The black shall flow through time and space
Once again making the two one
Until we are all one under the black burning sun."

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