Ride the winds of hades
From the deathly depths
Thrive amongst the wicked
Hell we seek possessed
Step into our covens lair
Tonight we sacrifice
Hear the call from the grave beyond
Feel the darkness arise

Black is the night
Threatening skies
We submit to the evil
Force of demons
Burning inside
We transcend to the evil

Lord of the underworld
To abyssic luster, grant us the key
Apparition unfolds
Storming through the 7 gates forcibly
Necromantic servants baptized in fire
Unholy blessing to the power of night
Revel in torment
With death in our blood and demonic might

Command of death
Dawn of the possessed
We submit to the evil
Wail through darkness
Grinding the flesh
We transcend to the evil

When I ascend the plane
Lightning strikes in hell
Return of doom and blasphemy
At the chime of the funeral bell

Lead - sergeant salsten

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