Climbing the stairs of his esteem… it took some time
But just needed a snap of fingers to fall on the ground
Tripping was easy when you think, hundreds of liters of ink
Would never fix what was broken

Scars are deep, and they are true
But they will need to get through
It cuts hard, but blood is blue,
So we’re sure they have a clue…

About their common future, both the drugs and the cure
About the things they did and the compliments they hid
The joy to what it lead, “friends will be friends” they said
About the beams… and all that it means

Put it on, rewind, press play, go back to another today
Let’s live like we were younger, yeah, let’s live like before
He needs less, but he wants more… his demon tries to close the door
Fighting your demon is hard, when there’s so many of them

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