It’s fun to see how we
Can disappear sometimes
Until you say we’re alright
I will not set you free

When this sun shines
It warms my veins
But shining through the glass
It burns my skin

When I say “share the news”
It includes the word “share”
It means that you could
At least show that you care

The more frozen are my bones
The more I feel alone
You are my pacific burning
You love me but leave me waiting

I didn’t have to set you free
Cause you did it all for me
You left me tickets in the hands
And my destiny in pieces
You let go, you let go,

But will you ever, ever get to understand
That life it hurts, and life was your name when you were brought to me
And you die, and you die, and you live again
But it hurts as much, as it hurts to run away

There’s a lot of things I would still do
For just a tiny piece of you
The color lost… the color frost…
The one you turned things into

…Is now gone

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