Well hello… I haven’t seen you in a while,
And I think you know why
Your attitude is pathetic, your mood is hypocritical
And you don’t realize that it’s the ones I love
That you criticize
Stop your manipulation, it feels like an intrusion
In your world of fake perfection

And you don’t want this
You wanna keep it perfect
You’re lying to yourself

You really think you can rule your world
With just money in your mind?
It is your family you’ll lose if you don’t
Leave your goddamn pride

You used to love this woman
Now you treat her like she’s nothing but a pain in your life
You attacked her many times pretending to be on our side

And I know, deep in my heart
That you know that what you did was harsh

She left, and he left, and I might be the next in line…
So please

Next time it happens
And I hope it won’t
Throw your pride out the door

How could you behave like this?
We’re the fruit of your love
The fruit of your love, remember?

You really think you can rule your world?

Where’s your dignity?

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