Don’t slow me

Down, gotta shape up for tonight
Yeah, got all the cards in hand
Down, sit down and watch me land
Yeah, now you can call me superman

Wake up, and waste no time
It’s time to make it up for the other nights
Breakfast, don’t make it last
Two eggs in the pan and make them fry

I got a motivation bigger than kryptonite
Bigger than everything that makes this world
It goes beyond any limit, so don’t even try to slow me down

Excuse me while I tie my red shoes
Can’t help but think there’s just no way that I’m gonna lose
Let’s take a ride, high in the sky, all the way to the cape of hope
Hope you’re not scared of heights… cause we’re heading for the 7th sky

On the edge of a new definition for living
Find out the learning curve is non-existent

Set your sight to horizon, set it to a clear goal
Think about the future, ‘cause I’m falling down with you
With you, I’m falling

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