The cold winds blew into life, my adored
A bleeding heart we share, now on Azrael's wings
I fall like autumn rain
You are my everything

This lovelorn kiss of death in lugubrious silence
Dawn breaks open like a wound and the dreadful sun
Two souls entwined together still so alone
Both you and I are shattered and frozen in stone

You begged for air from within this cold tomb
With pain sharp as a knife
I now lie resting like a child on thy womb
Gave back a part of my life

For a while it had disappeared, but nothing was changed
A haze fell forever with her fading life
I leaned my head back, then drank of opaline
The emerald goddess came to me, she craved my soul
And just for a while, I had forgotten

Yes, it was all forgotten, but nothing was changed
Suddenly a cold breeze blew across our room
It felt like I wanted to leave this world with her

Come, drink with me the divine nectar of Olympus
Sit beside me and help defy our adversity and loss
This adversity and loss. It all ends with you

I kiss you in your dying breath; sleeping quietly now
Swept away by heavy eyelids; forever in my dreams
And you will be safe in my dearest dreams
My love, forever in my dearest dreams

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Composição: Anders Jacobsson / Draconian. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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