My Oh My
(Ohhh Ohhh)
(Myy Ohhh Myyy)
My Oh My
(My Cherry Pie)
My Oh My
(Myy, Ohh My, Ohh My)
My Oh My
He's My Cherry Pie

[1st Verse]
My Friends Say I'm Trippin,
Sleepin But They Slippin,
Somehow They Missin,
All That He's Givin,
I Want Him So Bad,
I'll Never Let Go,
I'll Tell My Girls Leave Me Alone,
They Don't Understand It,
He's What I'm Feelin,
I Just Wanna Hang Out,
That's What He Be 'bout,
No Fakin, no Frontin,
He's What I'm Wantin,
He's Just As Sweet As a Cherry Pie.

[hook 2x]
My Oh My,
(My Ohh My)
He's the Apple of My Eye,
(Ooooohh No)
He's the Only One That Can Make Me Smile,
He's My Cherry Pie,
(He's My Cherry Pie)

[2nd Verse]
Baby Boy Be Lookin Bangin,
I, I Ain't Playin,
Lie, I Can't Be,
He Gives Me What I Need,
Them Boots With His Hat Back,
So Fly I Gotta Get That,
I Can't Leave Him Alone,
Pants Just Be Saggin,
Boy Be Lookin Too Good,
I Just Wanna Hang Out,
I Just Wanna Kick It,
I Know That He Feels Me,
He's Just So Real See,
He's As Sweet As a Cherry Pie.

[hook 2x]

My Cherry Pie,
Ohhhh No,
My, Oh My, Oh My

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