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U Thought I Was in the Dark
No,no,never Me
Baby Boy From the Start
U Was Trippin
I Was Askin Questions to See If U Was Creepin
For no Reason At All
I Am Accusin U of Cheatin, no Matter What Ur Sayin
So Irritatin, So Baby Stop Playin

Dog,tryin to Run Game On Me
Ur a Dog, Thinkin U Could Cheat On Me
Ur a Dog, Boy U Know U Lost My Trust
And I Know Its Obvious* *2

I Heard U Say U Was Gon Push Up On Her
I Play Along Boy U Think Im Stupid
Im On Point Yo I Dont Mis a Damn Thang
Im Fed Up But Jhene Aint Fallin,
Think I Dont Know But She Is My Dog Yeah
I Got My Friend On You Tellin Her to Call
U Got Caught Now I Know That Ur a Dog

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