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Ahh, Yea
Yo, Sup Girl What You Gon do
I Mean Are We Gon do It Or What
You Keep Trippin, You Keep Slippin
Acting Like, You Wanna Get Wit It
But Cha Wont Get Wit It, So Get Wit It
Ahh Lets Go

How'd You Get Ya Jeans So Low (And)
Hanging On Ya Hips Oh no (You)
Walking By Me Nice and Slow (You)
Acting Like You Just Dont Know (That)
I've Been Watching All the Time(You)
Bending Over Blowing Minds (You Be)
Dancing On Me Tryin' Grind (But You)
Dont Be Giving Up Your Time

Shorty Whats Up,i'm Just Saying
Wanna Hook Up, I Aint Playing
What Cha Gon Do, I'm Just Waiting
Think I'm Acting Up, Hey

She Could Claim and She Play Games
But I Bet She Couldnt Hang (Not Wit Me)
Ooo She's a Tease Ooo
She Be Acting Like She Dont
But I Know She Really Want (Get Wit Me)
Ooo She's a Tease Ooo

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