Now that you're cold and dead inside
nothing for me
now that you've taken on my life

i've never seen it through your eyes
that part of me that you despise
i should have taken your advice
and left you cold and dead, like me

my only escape for too long
and opportunity now too far gone

an opportunity now gone

once in a lifetime an opportunity comes along to forgive someone
but you turned your back

and as i read between lines
your story falls apart
as i look in from the outside
i see you're cold and dead at heart

how long will it be until i see forgiveness?
This time it has to end, but nothing's there

bleeding out intense frustration; seething
always just one more moment
no way, not here

bleeding out just one more moment
take away this whole from nothing

i finally see it in your eyes

you're bleeding me
what is it that you see in me?
I'm nothing!
Why can't you let me go?

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