I can't take it, no, there's no more holding on
No one told me i'd have to be this strong
Those secrets that always kept the pain away
Now reveal my every weakness

Baptize me in your pool and keep my head held under
Don't let me breathe again until you've seen me suffer

This can't be, i must be hearing lies
Can't see beyond my blinded eyes
My thoughts have always just belonged to me
Now they're stripped bare for the world to see

Convict me of a crime and keep me locked away
Don't let me out again until you see me suffer

Now i can't breathe again
Won't you let me suffer?
Now i'm locked away again
Won't you let me suffer?

Take the good with the bad
That's the only choice you have
Leave your life with others
They will only leave you mad
Open eyes can see the world
But closed they do no good
An open mind lets in the light
But close it up and it's black as night

Disorient yourself inside the seventh circle
There are no secrets kept inside the seventh circle
These waters hold the key and now your mind is open
This fire lights the way and now your eyes are open

Ignorance is so much better than
Living life with open eyes

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