If the sands of time fall through my hands,
Would you still call me a man?
If not for things that i could not see,
Rejection would not be a part of me
All this time i believed in you,
And you lost your way
I hope you can understand
Why you're not a part of me!

Shedding faith, unto me
I'm not blind, but i can see
Shedding faith, on to me
You're not the same as you used to be

I feel your soul as you're letting go
My feelings i will never show
All of this is hard to believe
You're so unreal to me

Never saw the colors used to hide
All the rust in your mistrust
All that remains you left with me
All that remains is still unseen

Shedding faith, unto me!
Just let go!

Feel the faith that you shed for me
Feel the silence come over me
Buried deep inside the past ahead
You're alive, yet somehow dead to me
You're dead to me

Never glued together pieces of this broken life
I have no answers, i do not cry
Degraded values through distained eyes

Shedding faith, on to me!
Shed my faith, on to you
Shed my faith
On to you

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