The World Without Us


All thing will come to an end in due time
No need to hurry on
And let the future slip away carelessly
As if in passing Sun

We hadn't learn anything
Do you remember the day we spent dreaming
As the star above us fall from the sky
And the void surround us

The end the beginning intertwine
In unparalleled descent
We sleep easy all in due time
There are time when

When the words seem so close to me
To act upon what I cannot speak
Color quickly running inward
We align together in vision and in time

Do I possess the ability to wander on
To take control to exist once and for all
Against the weight of my own reflections
All that I have ever wanted

Was to belong somewhere greater than
What I had ever envisioned
I have been granted the dreams but will I ever find the courage
And I will face the dark with my mind open
Ears to the ground one with every passing moment

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