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On the first seven days the gods created the heaven and the earth
But the second chapter of genesis is contradictory to the first
They created the watery heaven and earth, the night and day
They separated heaven and earth, created land, then vegetation
After that they created the sun, moon, stars, seas and fish and birds, then animals
And to top it all off let us make man in our image, after our likeness
And let him have dominion over everything that creeps on the earth
As a ruler he was first
When they were finished they picked a spokesman:
I have given you every plant yielding seed
In every tree put seed in its fruit
You shall have them for food
They didn't say anything about hamburger, hot dogs, lamb chops
Bacon, cheese????, hamhocks, chicken peel or barbeque
Now in the second chapter the gods made heaven, then earth
Then man, then vegetation, a straight contradiction of the first
Yet he was placed in the garden even where the first limitation was set
No eating from the tree of knowledge, disobedience means death
Feeling man was lonely they brought forth ????, animals and birds
But this didn't satisfy him for he was the first
So from his rib, so the story goes, the gods brought forth a companion for man
Called her woman, as a couple they were first
Now the serpent knowin truth about the tree
Coaxed the first sin to be committed by eve
Who in turn coaxed adam to cover they know the deed
When the gods seen this they were very displeased
With no execution committed
The first contradiction and the first eviction by sendin the couple east
Now the first couple became the first parents of the first son
Who became the first murderer and the first refugee
Which creates the first question by man
The first person had a part in this first dysfunctional family
Was mrs. kane the first daughter of the first person i discussed in the testament
And who were the people who would hold kane and abel for the first dismemeberment
Didn't it seem odd that god had to mark him for safety
And why were there people in the land of ??nile??
If they weren't put there by the gods

Chorus: the insidious one

From the first to the last days
From the first man to the last man
From the first birth to the first sin
To the first book a lie was written in
To the last page ????

After decidin the first stage of their experiment was out of order
The gods felt apt to commit the first mass murder
But first they needed someone they could trust to ensure their experiment would survive
And so the first mortal to become the god's first lieutenant was chosen named noah he was
On the first day of the first month of his 601st year
The first ship builder and the first zoo keeper
Solid ground was drowned on february 27th
The emerge of the first cruise ship, with the first ordering
They committed the first extinction by makin the gods their first offering
After first promising noah this wouldn't happen again
The gods put the first rainbow in the sky as their symbol of their word of men
They allow meat to be eaten for the first time
And noah became the first known to ???? the soil, the first person to make em drink wine
The world spoke one language, it was the first and only time it was truly united
But the gods weren't excited
Behold, they are one people, they have one language
This is only the beginning of what they will do
We must swing down, scatter and disunite, confuse their crew
In the land of ???? there was the first great culture with the first ????
They were undertaking a great project in a city and a tower that was magnificient
The city was called bable or babylon in english
Because it was here that the gods' plan came to get a little disrupted and sh*t
Now the first person instructed to head to kanaan was a man named abraham
First mentioned in the bible as the man abram
He and his nephew lot split to kanaan
When lot ???? sodom ???? gomorrha in the valley of the jordan
Sodom was chosen to be destoyed by the gods because of its wicked ways
This is the first time in the bible we have a mention of gays
But lot lived there so abraham intervened unsuccessfully
So lot, his wife and his two daughters all had to flee
As they escaped sodom lot lost his wife and his daughters lost their men
Becoming lonely and desperate they committed a unthinkable sin
The daughters got their father drunk, laid down with him one by one
And nine months later they both bore their own father's son
Now abraham married to his half sister had no sons, at least not until he was 101
Then sarah, half-sister wife bore him a child, a miracle from the gods
But they had a test for him to prove his obedience, now this is the part that gets wild
They instructed abraham to make the first human sacrifice
With his only son isaac but in reality it's just the first with his wife
Sarah's servant hagar had bore abraham a son ismael
The first adulterous affair mentioned in this twisted holy tale


Now i have taken you through the first half of the first chapter
Of the first holy book and for the first time you see a lot fo the firsts in history
It's up to you and your self-education and your self-discovery
And your self-spirituality to decide the integrity
Of this holy book and others like it
And people around you and the people who preach to you and others about it
Make decisions for yourself don't have them inflicted
By the morals and the values of the secretively wicked
Discover the self truth about yourself, don't have your friends and parents pick it
You'll soon discover that atheists are wrong, preachers and ministers too
Everybody picked certain parts of everything to mold in their truth
Live your life on the earth based on your morals and your own personal word
Before anyone can judge you you have to judge yourself first
I don't need to come off anti-christian, anti-religious, i know i'm not the worst
People die everyday because of words and bible verse
Think about what's forced in your mind by people who censor words
Before anyone can understand you you have to understand yourself first

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