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I'm Going To Hell


I feel no peer pressure. If I lived in Cali
between Blood and Crip blocks I'd be a cross dresser, I'm the man.
If i stood up and started rhyming in church
I'd have the whole congregation saying Goddamn - that kid's nice
Forget the offering plate pass around the liquor and dice.
Up in this piece word to Jesus.
Word life I'm wild - Honestly honesty's my style.
'Cause I tell jokes about handicapped kids and don't even smile
Yah, dah, du get on the short bus,
Cause you holding up the perfect ones of us, hush.
Watch your mouth, motherf**ker please,
unlike you I cheered for clinton out loud
when he had Monica on her knees
I know it's f**ked up and not nice, but it's my mouth
and i'm the one that's going to have to pay the price.
For saying all these things out loud and not keeping them to myself
and if that's the price then damn right i'm going to hell

I'm going to hell son, take my soul and set it free below
Got me flexing on the world tell it where I'm about to go
I'm going to hell, quick for sure you know, see me on the top
Even if I'm on the bottom still my body's gonna rock
I'm going to hell, I'm going to hell
The debut be the farewell too - for who
Esau bring the evil out of you - me too
Esau to burn in hell yo

I once met Jesus in a mosque, right after I talked to Allah.
We was in a synagogue, with Buddah and Vishnu.
They said damn right you going to hell, what'd you expect,
you've offended everyone and everything you've ever met
I'm sorry, i'm an honest guy.
I've said everything you were scared to say
and I've tried everything you were scared to try.
I don't play people like they're some kind of game
and I got balls enough to treat everyone the same
I once told Stevie Wonder to watch his diet,
I put ground pork in Farrakhan's falafel and told him to try it,
I yelled out oj is innocent, but he killed that b*tch,
and started a riot
and I gave marion barry a piece of crack and told him to light it.
I once paid a hooker dwarf to go up on me,
I gave Tonya the idea to bust Nancy in the knee,
I got mad at my grandma and knocked out her false teeth
and Sammy Davis once told me he had his eye on me
At times I feel all dirty like I just raped myself.
I'm such an a**hole that I can't even respect myself
and I guess that's why I'm all by myself
and when they lock me away in prison for life
I won't even touch myself
I feel like you don't be understanding me,
because I'm not a disciple of your hypochristianity.
Every day when I turn on the TV,
I see Robert Tilton doing his best to convert me.
Or take money from me to build up his so called ministry,
As a christian do you prove your faith financially.
Can poor people go to heaven, if so how about me?
and why haven't I ever seen a TV muslim missionary
I'll be judged on earh by you and then i'll be punished in hell.
For not being mislead and being myself.
Of all my faults I'm well aware and listen,
I can even drop 5% knowledge in your ear.
You say i'm going to hell, it well I'm already here


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