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You Ain't Fly


Hello, it's me and i must tell you the truth
Please don't refuse the fact that I know and you know - You ain't fly
For those of you who don't know who?
I'm talking about, it isn't you
I'm talking to those who misconstrue money and realness for talent - You ain't fly
Puffy, the only CEO that rhymes, please sign me to a deal of mine
So I can prove in my mind, to myself? - you ain't fly
Let me do a joint with mase so I can get on his case and
Fix his lisp and show him to his face - You? Ain't Fly
Then arrange a dinner with me and Total,
I'll pick them up in a limo and when they show
All made up with makeup and leather I'll whisper - You ain't fly
Master P and your No Talent Family meet with me
Cause ya'll make me say UGHHHHH - You ain't Fly
Mystikal aka the only male rapper with weave
Ms Melodie, oh my bad MIa - You ain't fly
Silk, what the f**k do you listen to when you rhyme
Kane and Abel they gotta be the worst group of all time
I heard them one time and said goddamn - They ain't fly


Jermaine Dupri, solo album with no solo songs,
can't even carry one joint on your own
Met him at Kaya came up to him and said - You ain't fly
After that I stopped in VA, Va Beach to be exact
Timbaland was on the phone recording his rap
So I bypassed missy, looked at Magoo and said? - You ain't fly at all
Mya you say you wear a size 4, I don't care, you need to go fix your voice
You think you a diva and you might be cute but - You ain't fly
But enough hating on these fools, I'll talk about you
You know you don't feel them, but then you don't tell the truth
When? asked you say -? they're doing they're thing - You ain't fly
Labels continue to give wack artists deal
putting out sh*t they think you should feel
and radio continues to play it because steve smith says it's real - He ain't fly
Mends Recordings is my record label,
had enough confidence to make this project able
But don't have enough money to make it available - They ain't fly
If you hate this because i'm touching you or your crew,
you need to make a record about me, cause this one's about you
Run and Go tell your friends that Esau told you - You ain't fly
I might talk sh*t about all things i consider inferior
But, I like to think I see things clearer
Cause I can'even look at myself in the mirror and say - You ain't fly


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