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The Phantom Mullet

Five Iron Frenzy

Cruisin, downtown in your Camaro,
REO Speedwagon on the stereo.
It's kind of catchy, kind of a virus,
Cutting your hair like Billy Ray Cyrus.
You're probably bummed, You probably cried,
You'e probably sad that the guy from Lynyrd Skynyrd died,
You're probably singing "oh oh oh",
All night long.

Feel the power of thePHANTOM MULLET,
Tremble and cower from the PHANTOM MULLET,
White metal burn of the PHANTOM MULLET,
Cut straight or permed it's the PHANTOM MULLET,
And you, cutting it short on top,
I want that for me.
Growing it long in the back,
So savage and so free.

Drop into first you're taking it slow,
You're such a rock star,
You could never know.
I wish i was singing "oh oh oh",
All night long.

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