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From Zero

Crawl, does what it wants you to say
It's what they want you to be
It crushes and we just let it ride
Lost from what you fully believed
Replacing most of your ways
Frustration till we just get it right
I'm on the top
Lookin' down this time
With the east boys
Stayin' up till sunlight
Anything you want
Yeah just to make things right
You call, you know what you want me to say
You know what I'm willing to do
You crush me just to spite my own right
What's my conscience say
Need you more with time
Oh what does your conscience say
It shows
It knows
It waits inside
Calls, from the deep within
Yeah, chase your little monkey
You're stupid, you're fuckin your brain
You know it's just a chase me high
When you call
You know what I'm willing to pay
You know what I'm willing to do
To feel it deep inside so fine
2nd Chorus
So get it right
Get it right
Get it right
It starts replacing all your ways
No matter what you say
It's a no win
Situation till the end
When you don't know which way is which
You've just thrown it away
You've just thrown it away
Why can't I please just get it right
I'm so right
What excuse will I have today
What's the price that I need to pay
I'm sick of this hold

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