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Hit ya with a show
I hit ya with a show
Hit ya with a show
Whatchu think about me
I really think it's dope
Really think it's dope
Now I wanna know
If I could kick it with you
No I got to go
Another fuckin' show
So now it's time to roll
With the nice and easy
Can't you make some time
I really wouldn't mind
Oh you really wouldn't mind
You salad tossin' sissy
Don't be that way
Don't make me be that way
Hit me with a rhyme
Hit me with a rhyme
Hit me with a rhyme
That fits the color of your skin
What's with the fuckin' clothes
The baggy fuckin' clothes
Don't think you really know
It's just the coolest thing that's in
Don't freeload
Don't follow
Just be yourself yeah
What's with all the time
Hangin' out all night
Don't you have to go to someone elses place now
I think it's time to go
I'm really glad to know
That you pierced your nose
And a million other things that suck
This conversation's just not for me
This conversation just wants to be
The one that wastes all my time
Useless fuck you're wasting your life
You free load
You'll swallow whatever comes your way
Pre Chorus
So just leave
Please go away
You wanna what
You got nowhere to go
Why'd you put me in this situation
You know ya killing it with your visitation
Can't ya see it's just a lack of brains
That makes you all the same

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