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Flippin' Around

From Zero

As television competes with the precious time
That each one holds in life
Can tough decisions be made
With a brainwashed mine
With this disease you'll find
How hard we try to blend
Why can't we find it in some other way
You place your faith in the hands of a TV show
Watch ratings overflow
It was a vision to bring to the human kind
To give us peace of mind
Walk in the door, plop on the couch... TV
Shoved in your face, regular slouch... TV
Fat as a fuck, big as a house... TV
Killing your brain with network disease... TV
You're flippin around, flickin around
Searching for the right channel
Looking for the right channel, flip it
And you won't see in what they thought out right
You won't see it in my head
And you won't infiltrate my fucking brain
Or manipulate my fucking time, it's mine
And so we try to blend
And will we find to live another way
Now television's a game that the rich ones play
It doesn't walk my way
It's their decisions they make that they carve in stone
It doesn't reach my home
Poverty, death, hunger, disease... TV
Driving a truck and falling asleep... TV
Kids shooting guns inside of school... TV
Waging a war so what does it mean.... TV

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