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Doo Wah Diddy

Fun Factory

There she was just a-walking down the street
Singin' do wah diddy diddy dam diddy doh
Snapping her fingers and shuffling to the beat
Singin' do wah diddy diddy dam diddy doh

Doin' the do, doin' the do, doin' the do...

Do wah di-diddy di dam didi doo
Check out the groove and the beat is gonna move you
Shake it shake it shake it shake it
Until you get crazy but just don't fake it
So you want me to shake it so i'll take it
Me and my boy smooth t we get down
With the beat it's the doh wah diddy sound
Let the beat just spin you around
Get up and stand up and move to this sound
Let this rhythm control your feet
It's the factory of fun you need
Unique styles is what we're bringing you
Cause we can blow up y'alli came to do
A brand new style for the dancefloor
Cause i got more you want more

Get your booties on the floor
Get them down that you waiting for?
Wave your hands from here to there
To the rhythm up yes in the air
All the ladies scream
All the fellows ho
Cause i got to go and i'm about to go
So I pass to smooth t cause he's got the flow
Pump it up pump it up the speaker
Let the bass hit you straight and deeper
Can you stand can you stand the power?
After this all you'll need is a shower
So pass me the soap and let me wash stuff up 'g'
The doh wah diddy dance is made for you and me
So party people just get on up
'Cause our second has come with a brand new cut

She looks good, she looks fine
She looks good, she looks fine
And she nearly blew my mind

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