Groove me groove me groove me
Move me move me baby

Time up time up
It's time to get up
No fakin' to be seen
No dumbness to be heard
We got to all move in the same direction
If you can't move then you need a correction
Just move your body out on the dancefloor
If you can't dance
Get off my dancefloor
Rap is out
It's what i talk about
It started it all so what you're talkin' about


Roll roll roll
You loose control
Fun factory groove you know i got soul
To get you all up on the dancefloor
So all you scream move move
More more
So what you're gonna say
So what you're gonna do
Try to stop rod d.
You know you can't do
So let me flow just how i like
I give you all just what you like


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