Deep in thought
And oh so far away
Thinking about the pleasures
That we shared night and day
My life my love
Will never remain the same
Without you
Praying for my lover to return
She's waiting for my lesson to be learned
Without a doubt
I know she wants to flirt
It hurts so real so real

But i miss her
Miss her
Oh i really miss her
I miss her
Oh miss i miss you
Miss her
Miss her
I can't even kiss her
I miss her
Oh miss i miss you

Deep in my mind
I see us sailing
Yes you and i
In the sea of love
You brought me here
And left me sailing
And now i must find
My way back to you

'cos loving you
Brings so much pleasure
Touching you
Is all i need
I should be here
Waiting for you
Yes one day my love
You'll be there


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