Take your chance
Bring your life up to the top
And you never ever stop
And you try to do it right
You better take your chance
And luck will always be around
Keep your feet down on the ground
And you will never be alone

Come on come on take your chance
Your life is very hard
No time for romance
But you know youll make it
There is only one chance in life
And you better take it
You got some hard time
You got some bad time
You got some ruff time and you got some sad times
Listen to the word from the man Smooth T
We all get bizzy with da fun factory
Once youre the winner
But then you loose the game
Dont try to hide your sadness
Cause we all feel the same
Praying to god and I hope hes going to save me

Cause when hes around
I feel a special kind of safety
Take it take it just dont fake it
Take your chance
Common tale your chance


Ringidingiding ringidingidingsong
Me feel so sad yall
Me feel so sad yall
Cant control the beat of my heart yall
Me felt so sad when I left my family
Broken heart sad eyes low mentality
You better watch me
You better watch me
When I come to you
Nobody can stop me
Listen to the words from the man Smooth T
We all get bizzy with da fun factory

Take a look over troubled waters
Think about today whats up for tomorrow
What you really want is a chance to be free
How youre livin whats about "G"
Take a look in a looking glass
In a life class
Just watch me blass
That microphone is right straight to your heart

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