Loadsa cheese, loadsa cheddar, loadsa cheese...
I want a sexy lesbian vampire to touch me up
Allll day, allll night yeah.

Think so, you're fukcin safe, innit,
NHS, come to Newport get cheap teeth done innit.
Nhs loves you. you knows it, safe as fcuk

Dirty bobby innit. The dirty nurse, the dirty nurse is back,
It's a bitta dirt innit, dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty bobby's back in the place, innit.

Everebody knows, er, once you get high you put the music on you feel
the energy, you're filled with, er, what's known as electricity.
Safe. safe.
One Step down. Safe as fcuk. Goldies Lookins Chains. Knowsit.

Loadsa cheese, loadsa cheddar. Loadsa cheese, loadsa cheddar. Loadsa cheese.

Alriiiite! Dippenar (?) GLC appearance

#guns in the sky#

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