Serious, man, knows it...........

A pint of petrol, poured onto my pubes
Took a live match and lit the fuse
I start to scream, i feel confused
I'm a human time-bomb when i'm fuked up on booze

Like a lethal injection with a fukin' gold needle
Or songs of praise up st. worths(?) cathedral
Game for a laugh like jeremy beadle
Fukin' glc, we're fukin' safe, knows it

Glug glug glug, had a drink in the pub
Went home and got a bird and asked her for a fukin' rub
She said, 'get away, you make me feel sick'
But i had a hard-on and i rubbed it up against her face and it was mick
She was a man! i got really scared
I thought she was a bird and she had funny hair
I got so fukin' scared that i ran away
I never told the glc, cos they thought i was gay

Ooh-la-la-laaa, i don't buy by the ounce, i buys by the baaar
I loves gettin' loadsa fukin' draw
And then sell it to my mates and gettin' fukin' wrecked up
And lying on the floor
You knows the way we do's it in the glc
Fukin' safe, when the sun's shining i fukin' go's down the park
I gets wrecked up, i has a spliff, i fukin' takes a couple of fukin' dirty slags wimme
I fukin' has a couple of cans of special backs(?), it's fukin' wicked, knows it

We-wi-we-w-w-w-wer-wi-we-we-we-kingsway centre
We-wi-we-w-w-wer-kingsway-wer-wer-kingsway centre

He's got tourettes
And he smokes loads of cigarettes
He's responsible for the death of a girl called leah betts
He's adam hussain and he's fukin' insane
He's here to sell ecstasies and change the fukin' game
He's out of his head, but he's not around
So he gets the word together and pass on the glc sound

Knows it...........glc, knows it.......

I bought the weed off a bloke from pont
He sells what the people need and gives them what they want
I bought over three ounces of his shit
He looked like shakin' stevens with hair like rik parfitt

He's fukin'safe, i met him, er, fukin' mad keith, fukin' told me who he was
And said, 'fukin' go up there and he'll sort you out'
He's er, he's got the draw, it's fukin' really nice green, it fukin' gets you mashed up, man
Fuk it, i've lost my fukin' head, man

Rape-balaclava, clava, clava, clava.............

I has a wicked munch down fukin' ramones
Then it's back to the 'port for a game of pool in capones
You knows you're safe in the glc
They're here to make you fukin' see that the 'port is safe as fuk to me
I loves being fukin' safe with my goldie lookin' chain
You fukin' knows it you fukin' cl*t, you fukin' shit..aaaaaaagggghhhh

We-wi-we-w-w-w-wer-wi-we-we-we-kingsway centre
We-wi-we-w-w-wer-kingsway-wer-wer-kingsway centre

I used to think of myself as a bad boy or a g
But i swapped my bad boy limp for shopmobility
Goldie lookin' chain really fuks with your brain
Dai texas on the mic and i'm feelin' insane
I lives down risker and i got no mates
Don't ask me for business or fukin' updates name is dai texas...... name is dai texas......

Glc, that's right, his name's fukin' dai texas
He drives round corver road in a lexus
I got worried, he tried to sex us
But he's fukin' safe, you knows it
Glc, fukin' razzle-dazzle
2000+2, p xain, respect name is dai texas...... name is dai texas......

If you're an automobile owner, a handy tip
When parking in safeways car-park
To utilize the mongo space
Put some sellotape over your face
And walk out of the car with a limp
No one will question you, parking in this illegal area
I regularly uses it and it works for me, son

We-wi-we-w-w-w-wer-wi-we-we-we-kingsway centre
We-wi-we-w-w-wer-kingsway-wer-wer-kingsway centre

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