Eggsy: Alright tonight we got top entertainer Tim West Country a.k.a Billy Webb!
Bill son, what's been going on in town centre tonight?
Billy: Well loadsa you been havin' loadsa booze, but mainly, You havn't been fuckin' having loadsa booze might you wanna *slur* have
Eggsy: WHat other things have you been up to tonight? Have you been disco dancing in the rave scene of Zaaaanzibars?
Billy: No. Dink. Right? Fucking fuck off. Drink. Drink. Fucking Drink. Right? Drink? That's what I'm about like!
Yeah I've had loads!
Eggsy: Is it mainly drink?
Billy: Yeah fuc' (?) yeava listen, fuckin' drink you'll piss your 'art into the ground (?) Drink, as fuck

"Billy, your mother's here!"

Billy: YEAAAH?! (My mother's always here!) Yeah. Drink. fukin' drink
E: Fuckin' youknowsit Bill!

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