The fukin' return of the glc, goldie lookin' chain

The glc is gonna take you on a fukin' mystery tour, it's gonna take you through time and space in a different fukin' way, the glc is a new direction, you knows it, you knows it, you knows it

All the crews of the 'port gotta get bigged up today, .........(all the crews)..........underwood, marshfield, wnetloof(?) peter stone, the fukin' lighthouse....everyone down the nash, fukin' anywhere, fukin', as long as it's 'port, i don't give a fuk

If it's nylon, you're gonna have to wear it, son, you're gonna have to fukin' wear it...ha ha haaa!

Yeah, anyone wearin' fukin' troop(?) or any fukin' shellsuits, respect, glc crew, the year 2000+1

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