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George Clinton And The Nine Year Old Gutter Slut


The most disturbing sight I've witnessed
Was George Clinton fucking a gutter whore
She was just nine years old
Didn't seem to bother him much!!!

At the time George was influenced by alcohol
A bottle of Jack, and a beer hat
The only way to get laid, was to use pay his way for pussy!!!

His search set off in an alleyway
He came across a crack whore youngster
Looking for good fuckin' time

He took her behind a dumpster, and could not waste any time
She was a stupid asshole and charged a dollar fine
This bitch was undeveloped, and she was loose as hell
Her smell made George disgusted but she could never tell

-We've got the funk-
He screamed when he bent her over
His dreadlocks swaying to the rhythm
-We've got the funk-
He sprayed his load on the dirty whore
Then pulled it out and pushed her down

If the media got word of this.
Then George's name would be ruined
He grabbed the closest object
A used heroine needle from the dumpster...

George grabbed the bitch.
Then threw her to the ground and screamed
Get ready to suffer!!!
He took the needle and stabbed her repeatedly
Til' the body was unrecognizable!!!

Jorge Clinton!!!!!

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