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Severed Fuck Stump


Organs spilled all over my floor
Intestinal Residue, Makes me bored
Fingers skullcaps knees and torsos
Stewn across. My backyard porch

The limbs. And the broken tendons cook in the sun
I puke from meat to bile!!!
A dozen amputees lay on the kitchen table
Body parts a trophy for a torture master

As blood ran down my legs I noticed my cock was severed
10 feet across the room
My bleeding dick lay detached and lifeless

It must of been the table saw from sears.
Or the pliers from Home Depot
It could have been bit off in a struggle
Or torn by some screaming slut

I always start with their pussy
As the blade hits some shit sprays out
Theirs screams will die off when a euphoric
Sense from blood loss kicks in

In some form of blood soaked amazement
I could have laid my cock on the table.
Without a second guess ending my sanity
Cock across the table saw spewing blood and urine!!!

Lacerating organs for a course of
Meat my nights are long and daring
But flesh was meant for tearing!!!

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