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The Wrath Of Pipers Pit


A vicious cycle has been completed
A beast without mercy, faith, or reason
A nightmare born fro the ring...

The champion of brilliant slaughter
Roddy Piper became beast of his pit

His swinging fists spilt bloody lips
A glimpse of his madness,
Could make Satan shit out his fucking eyeballs!!!

As he enters his pit he wonders
Who will make ends meat?
What kind a man will be tortured, torn apart and beat

A maniac drunk with power
And freer than God,
Rises his fists to pulverize the weak, Into a pusing mess
Of bloody shit and broken bones!!!

The Piper turns the ring into a display of
Gore gushing force driven brutality
The pit becomes a chamber for the destruction of human form!!!

Leave the pit a crippled asshole
Physically fucked by the genius of torture!!!

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