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The Day I Get Over You

Gorniak Edyta

Somebody tell me
How can I mend this hole in my heart
Your love could fill me
So who's keeping us apart
You fanned the fire
Until our love
Was reachin' higher
Than heaven's touch - so how ?

How can you say
I will get over you
When dreams won't come true
Deliver me to
The day I get over you
I need to find a way

Black is a rain cloud
Gold is the sunlight shinin' through
You are my rainbow
Why is my heart so blue
I'm filled with sorrow
Don't know
If I could face tomorrow
Without your love - so how ?

How can you...

I'm not giving up
I swear I'll find
Someone who really cares
Someone who will be there
My heart will heal with time
I'm almost there

How can you...

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Composição: George Merrill / Pamela Sheyne / Shannon Rubicam. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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