Beyond the time and space
A rainbow between the worlds
Like a banner flutters
Blew off by a moving matter

The creator of the eternity come beyond the time
Rewards his giants with a long winter
Today his fear turns into a gale
Tears of disappointment flood the lands

The time with no end and no beginning
Spreads the immense arms
Will that shapes the matter
Permeate the space, flesh and soul

This is the place of the collapse
This is the place of the rise
The paths of glory lead here
The ways of seperation lead here

Weaver of the inevitable destiny
Coming from the depths of the universe
From the mist, smoke and wind
Spinning secret scenes

Hold out your hand
Touch the fiery key
The tears of the woman you abandoned
Will heal your wounds

It is time to take the throne
Throne without the lord
And speak out the words
Words spoken at the beginning of the universe

Towards the icy gates
That was never to be opened
Long shadows shall begin their journey
When northern lights show them the way...

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