At the longest Fullmoon night
In the castle near the forest
Where the howling of wild wolves
Sounds like music of dark abyss
At midnight wind was blowing
Transylvanian snow was falling
From the bloody womb of woman
Son of Dragon was born...
Mystic howling in the forest
Spreads the sacred words of Evil:
Thou art. Lord of Wallachia,
Thou shall be the Dracula...
May this night be eternal
As eternal is his soul
The man with Satanic spirits
Became horrified ruler...
By the fire and sword
By the fear and terror
Like wolf thirsty for the blood
Vlad destroyed his enemies...
They called him Impaler
And they lived in fear
Blood is life he said,
and he killed them to live again...
And the night of end has come
They were waiting for his death
Three nights later grave was empty
Vlad became the higher form !
I am Nightmare, warrior spirit
from the house of Dead I come
I am Darkest force of Night
Bloodlust covered my mind...

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