From fire and earth the power was born
In red tongues of fire
Blacksmiths of destiny froged steel
Hot redness became a cold death

And the day came when stell lusted for blood
And death and terror were our deeds
Our destiny was bound foreve
In this smooth cold blade of steel

Earth drawn in seas of blood
Fire and smoke on the sky
Cry of women and old men
Remains of blood on my hands
Wounds and sears on my body
And memories of past battles in my head

Gods gave us a great gift
Cruelty became easy thing to do
We went to distant lands with victory flags
Graves are proof of our deeds

We proved our bravery
Lords of heavens and hell are satisfied
Crime became virtue
Death is the only salvation for our enemies

From war to war, from battle to battle
We walk the way of destiny
He learn how to fight and be perfect killers
Bewitched by hatred bound in steel

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