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Trap Money (Remix)

Gucci Mane

[Chorus 2X: Gucci Mane]
I got trap money, I got trap-I got trap [2X]
I got 20 for a show, but it's really rap money
20 for a hoe and that's really trap money

Blue lights flashin, checkin out my mansion
Gangster so flashy, Louis Vuitton magnum
How he out here swaggin? Dat be what they askin
I drop the white crease, call it dope boy magic
Dopeology, you should take one of my classes
Hit me in the hood, red carpet, pants saggin
Rob you on Front Street in 75 classic
My potnahs know I'm good in the hood besides rappin
I got trap money cabin, it's 30 if you askin
D trap money lavish, ain't gotta make it rappin
Fruity bezel the cabbage, them country niggaz taxin
Ballin like Maverick, blowin loud in the traffic
I robbed a nigga twosie in some Rap Lord fashion
Say young'n in the hood, I'm a trap money addict
Cartier glasses, you see that I got money
I wake up early in the mornin I need me some trap money


20 Benz back, you see a nigga, that's my pack money
Look I ain't got no record deal so no it ain't no rap money
You see the stack in my jeans, I can't fit no rubber band
22 on cents, I'ma wrap it 'round them
And first I unload the tractor, bust 'em out the wrapper
Get 'em to my trappers and they bring me back them rat chicks
Bust off goin fast, you can call it cheetah girl
When I get the panky you know I'm water whippin her
No top on the whip, tank top Louis V
You can call me tank top cause all I do is wifebeat
Talkin smart on the phone, price just gone up
Take it or leave it homeboy, either way I give a fuck
Pot cold, LB's, kush by the O-Z's
Yeah I sell 'em for the low and get 'em for the dirt cheap
Get in just how you want, I'm a walkin trap sto'
Well connected nigga courtesy of my amigos
Flyin down 20 East, trunk full of dirty birdies
In the middle of the drought we let them bitches fly for 30
In the kitchen cuttin work I gotta do my two-step
Yeah I'm bad leg trappin, bring it to your front stop
Now I'm on Y-65, just got off I-10
In the handicap van, fill it up with midgets man
I mean the good I know is show and it ain't come from rappin money
Ten bands, all tens, nigga that's my trap money


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