I made a paper plane
And threw it into space.
It seemed to float forever.
No telling where it went,
Snatched by a sudden breeze
It sails the wide, blue yonder.
I know my aeroplane
Fell back to earth again
But i pretend
It never.

One moonless, summer night,
We'll lie back counting stars,
Like diamonds on black velvet.
We'll see the satellites
Fly past the southern cross
And laugh as they observe us.
Somewhere a river flows
And whispers in the dark
A story near-eternal.
It speaks of mountain rain,
Valleys and open plain
And hungers for
The ocean.

I don't wanna die.

Tonight, the setting sun
Blood-stained this ragged day
And left our hopes in tatters
But then the twilight came
And covered up our shame
Without a trace of pity.
Always the stars look down,
The heavens never care,
They only watch, unblinking.

I don't wanna die.

I made a paper plane
And threw it into space.

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