At last reach the starfield domain
The land of men is now so far away
Time and distance have no meaning there
Only pale light of stars

The essence of the void
Is now clear to me
In the middle of space you are nothing
But a conscience

The whole universe is a breathing beast
Global ion storm
Washing galaxies

My will is now clera
As a part of it
I need to feed
Matter cry out my name
Godlike but shapeless
A gravitational singularity
I aspire everything
That comes

Giant red
Everything got dropped
Into my insatiable mouth

Massive galactic nucleus
My quasar
My shining hat
Reflects my existence

But shameless
I tend to gather as much
As I can

In my non dimension

My will is still clear
As a part of it
I need to feed
Matter more than ever
Cry out my name
Godsized but shapeless
I aspire everything
Thar comes

I'm crumbling under my own weight
I'm returning to the void
A ray of light pierces me from within
Leading to an unknown location

Neglecting the cataclysm
Left behind
Transfiguring the limits
Limits of time and space
I reach the essence of the I
And I become a nebula
Into another world

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