These words...
These sighs, their meaning is dissolving.
When the past is revealed in each glance at pictures,
The softness dies under the weight of relentless regrets

I sought it in martyr's sore,
While my smiles deceived them all.
Over life's fake balms and lore
I know I can't rely on yours at all.

The darkest prayers, the shameful please
End without echoes, without answers.
I wonder, blinded, among false memories.
Lured by tales whispered by liars.

Despite their strokes, these shadows are bitter to my senses.
Are they the ones who put these chains on me?
Or, is my being craving their mocking sympathies?
I only know sadness is the lover of reality.

Feel like no one can decrease the pressure...
Despair, impotence, the acrid taste of failure...

These pains and cries were born with me.
Don't even try...
You can't save me, for you will know,
Fall is the price of empathy...

Untold, yet inborn...
Inescapable suffering
The face of life is torn,
As silence is hacked by my sobbing.

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