A gloomy feeling
Despair, Emptiness

Petrified skies
Feeling dead from inside

This is who we are
The Wasted Ones
A bright and sorrowful tear
Wrecking through the Dark

This who we are
Shades of ourselves
Wraiths of once glorious beings
Entangled within the Night

This is who we are
Forever bound to failure
Those with no eyes
At one with the Blink

Thus what to expect now? Better dying now,
Meaning of Life? Handling each dawn,
But why? You'll never wonder...

Oh God!

Forlorn in silence
Pain living still
Broken and confused
Still driven by hate
Of this unchosen existence
Our own private Hell

The gloomy feeling
Fear, Emptiness

Standing alone, aside,
With no tears to share
We're the gathering
We're the lost

Lost on that Nexus axis

Life... this Pandora box
Life... This mental jail
Life... The poison flowing through our veins

Lies... Lies to believe that joy exists
Lies... Lies to have faith in love

Dogs... Dogs of god, the blind
Drown... Drown to our dimension

Lies... Lies, there's no freedom
Down here

This is who we are
The Gathering
This is who we are
Behold our becoming

This is who we are
The so called Eternal
This is who we are
Onlookers of Humanity

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