Foto do artista Irving Berlin

Finale: What's This We Hear?

Irving Berlin

What's this we hear?
Please make it clear
Are we to understand a wedding is near?

Congratulations are in order
She's in love and her heart is gone

I met a wonderful man
That's how it began

Proving sex, S-E-X, marches on

I don't know just what happened in that private dining room
I entered as a Senator and came out as a groom

We were two lonely hearts beating as one

Being mis'rable is oh! such a lot of fun

I hate the lies you told to me
The bill of goods you sold to me
I hate the things that make you untrue
I hate your last goodbye, I honest I do

Outside of that, I love you

Ev'rybody drink with me, drink with me
Under the table come sink with me
Very happy am I
And I wish I knew why

We'll be glad to drink with you, drink with you

A toast to the bride and groom

Louisiana purchase, I'll tell you what it means
It means I'd like to sell you New Orleans

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