[1st verse:]
I'm in love with you but I'll admit I've told the same tale o'er
To a lot of girls but I'll admit, 'twas never meant before
Like ev'ry boy, I've loved a few, 'tis true
But never with a love I feel for you
So I think for future happiness
My past I should confess

There's a girl in Havana
There's a girl in Savannah
I've wooed a few sweet girlies who
I promised to be true to
But then I never knew, dear
That I'd ever meet you, dear
So let's forget the girls I met
Before I met you

[2nd verse:]
If a fellow says he loves you and he's never said the same
To another girl, if you believe him, you're the one to blame
When love is true each thought you would confide
When love is true there's naught that you could hide
So to prove my love is not amiss
Is why I tell you this

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