Lord I need to know
How to please Your heart (tell me)
Yes, I understand
There is more that you require (no)
No not because I have to
Because I really need to
And then because I want to
This is my way of saying to You

I love You Lord
More than anything
More than life itself
I offer You worship in spirit and in truth

That my life would be pleasing
And my heart pure before You
That my praise would flow from the deepest part of me
(Deepest part of me)
You're the source of my strength
The love that makes me whole
I'll forever love Your name
The wonders of Your grace
I cannot explain


Oh, where would I be without Your love
Without Your hand upon my life
When You found me
I was alone
Hopelessly wandering on my own
So here I stand before You now
I humble myself
My King I bow
There is nothing
There is no one like you Lord

Chorus out

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Composição: Antonio Neal / Fred Uncle Freddie Jerkins III / JoAnn Rosario. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.