(Verse 1)
As he knelt at the Master's feet
He felt sweet relief
Having done since his very youth
What the Savior said
But his countenance changed
When Jesus went on to say
Will you trust me instead of
The riches that pave your way
As he turned away his heart's reply
Of this how can I?

Jesus said if you'd only truly love Me
Have enough faith
Learn to trust Me
Take the cross and follow Me
Those possesions that you carry
Are just only temporary
Take the cross and follow Me
Si Me amaras sinceramente
Y tuvieras fe para confiar en Mi
toma tu cruz y sigueme
Todo aquello que posees
es solamente temporal
Toma tu cruz y sigueme

(Verse 2)
Tell me what is the price that a man would pay for life
And if he values his soul then what is the sacrifice
And tell me what is a treasure a man would trade for Christ
Or will he trust in himself
And remained unsatisfied
What you hold so dear
It could not compare
To all my Father's prepared
Won't you choose this day
Give your life away
And life you will find
Can't you hear Him say

(Repeat Hook)

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Composição: Fred Hammond / JoAnn Rosario / Noel Hall · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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