Sometimes I can't see (what's in front of me)
But all I have to do is (just believe)
But God You brought me through (a million things)
And I can't count the victories (that I done seen)

I don't like to pray and worry but this situation's new
(And I'm needing You)
But when You begin to move I see traces of You
(You show the proof)

Just when my days seemed to be dark I'd see
(Traces of You)
Right then and there I see a spark and that's
(Traces of You)
And when my heart's gone away through the
(Traces of You)
See I know heaven ain't forget me when I see
(Traces of You)
(Traces of You)

It's a blessing that I'm still here (It's through Your grace)
And it's so clear that there is (no other way)
And Your mercy's restored on me yeah (day to day)
So I continue to pray until (I see Your face)

Lord I know better, Use me whenever
But I must see traces of You
Lord I believe You, I know You gon' come through
But I must see traces of You

Hook out

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Composição: Fred Uncle Freddie Jerkins III / JoAnn Rosario / LaShawn Daniels · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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