Fire, Fire
Your consuming fire
Your glory and Your awesome power
Shall be revealed
This very hour

(Verse 1)
We have gathered
In this place to
Make a joyful noise
Clap our hands and
Shout and dance and
Trade our sadness for joy

As we come into this place
Worship You and seek Your face
And as we praise and lift You up
We find Your presence, Your presence

(Verse 2)
With such great anticipation
Lord we cry out loud
For that awesome visitation
From the glory cloud

Just like the Pentecostal rain, rain
Shower down on us again
They were all with one accord
Lifting their hands and
Worshipping the Lord

(Repeat Hook)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Hook 2x)

Just like the Pentecostal rain, rain

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