Mom and Dad got married
Back in 1970.
My daddy took to truckin'
Mama took to me.
I was her prize possession,
Til I turned on the radio,
And I heard my new obsession,
In the damned old rock n'roll.

My daddy was a good man,
Worked himself to the bone.
And mama taught me right from wrong,
And raised me til I was grown.
Then just before my eighteenth year,
I packed and left the nest,
Mama's tears still on my sleeve,
Wishin' me the best.

My daddy was a trucker,
He was always haulin' freight.
Towin' heavy loads down the open road
While mama towed the weight.
Lord please have a room prepared
For my Mama, bless her soul
She lost a husband to the white lines,
And her boy to rock n' roll.

While I must a got my daddy's genes,
Cause now I'm on that road as well,
Playin' these here tunes in swill saloons
And hopin' my records sell.
I hop up on that stage boys,
And I look out at the crowd,
I think about my mama,
And I hope I done her proud.

Repeat Chorus

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