Sittin' in this jail cell,
Tryin' to meditate,
Hopin' that I will digest,
The child that I just ate.
My cell mate makes alcohol
Out of lemonheads,
I think I nearly broke my back,
On this concrete bed.

In Rapid City,
South Dakota,
In a jail cell,
That's where I am.
Lord if you love me,
One ioda,
You'll send this boy
Back to Bellingham.

Thirteen pounds of grass,
Hidden in the car.
Two more pounds of grass,
Stuffed in my guitar.
Blue lights in the mirror,
My heart jumped to my throat,
Drug dogs start to barking,
And that was all she wrote.

Repeat Chorus

So I got me an attorney,
Says he'll work it out.
Get me off with probation,
But I've got my doubts.
And if it all goes wrong,
And I end up doin' time,
I'll blow through a year or two
With lemonhead wine.

Repeat Chorus

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