Call it a blessin' call it a curse.
But your condition is getting worse.
In your reflection, are there bridges burned,
Was credit taken or was credit earned.
Can you look me in the eye,
Cause I can see through your disguise.

When the game is over,
And all the cards have been played,
The joker masquerades as the ace of spades.
Many rules have been broken,
Certain lines have been crossed,
But at the end of the day,
When you're weighin' the pay to the cost,
Was it worth your time?

Thought your lesson was finally learned,
But soon your old ways all returned.
Yeah, it's your life,
Your decision to make,
Keep on bendin'
And you're gonna break.
You always hurt the ones you love,
But they weren't the ones you were thinkin' of.

Repeat Chorus

Everybody held you in such high regard,
In the games we played, you dealt the cards.
Now that your secret has been revealed,
You stand here naked, tell me how does it feel.

Repeat Chorus

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